Reference Indexer and Query Engine – a WordPress pluginā€‹ā€‹

Indexes all of the ancient and biblical references within posts and utilizes AWS CloudSearch and AWS Lambda technologies to provide Lucene Query Language of references and keywords. 

Our one-of-a-kind parser recognizes over 3000 books and 10,000 abbreviations for those books. For example: Matthew 6:11 can be recorded in the text as any one of the following:ā€‹

Mt. 6:11, Matt 6:11, Gospel of Mathew 6:11, Mathew’s Gospel 6:11

The typical keyword search can accompany and search query, for example: 
ā€‹”Avot 2 Hasidim” will search for posts that include reference the second chapter of Avot in any of Talmudic traditions and posts which include the keyword Hasidim.

Additionally, one can only search the Babylonian Talmud by providing the more specific reference: BT Avot 2.

Thanks goes to George Stephanis for his work on the Application Password Class within the Application Passwords Plugin written by George Stephanis, Valen Designs and BJ Kraft.