Our app makes scoring fun and easy to use. Drag and drop the associated stat and drop it on the players’ or the opponent’s backboard.

What sets our app apart, and why we named it MONEYBALL, is that each squad on the court is scored as a unit. So each squad’s stats are kept separate. This allows you to evaluate the impact of each squad. A typically free-substitution game will have over 20 squads on the court. We rank them by their impact (Positive actions / Negative actions). See formula below.

How Does Moneyball Help?

After 5 games, one coach found that his starting 5 outscored their opponents but when the big man got 2 fouls he would go to his #2 big man. But our squad stats showed that this second-squad’s impact rating was 0.50, meaning for every 1 positive impact they had 2 negatives PLUS they were outscored 9-27. The coach found that subbing his big man for a guard and moving a power-forward to post was a better substitution pushing the impact rating for the 2nd squad to 1.5 and still outscoring the opponents.

He also found that there were 3 different 2-player substitutions¬†when his big man had to be brought out of the game which made even more sense…and guess what, 2 of those 2-player substitutions included his #2 big-man. In other words, squad chemistry was better with the #2 big-man when a 2nd starter was pulled off the floor. Moneyball!

At halftime, the coach is sent the top 4 and bottom 4 performing squads for that game by text message. In other words, he can know which squads are handling this teams defense. Coaches think they know…but we’ve consistently shown that our data surprises the coach.

Player’s Squad Impact

Another helpful stat shows Player Squad Impact and how each player’s overall squads perform when they are on the floor. It shows score and impact so you can compare all of your players. Which of your player’s squads are outscoring the opponents when they are on the floor? Which are losing ground?

Fast Scoring for Double Actions like Assist/Score and Miss/Rebound

If you drag an “Assist” to any player then all the other players’ boards instantly show 2 | 3 and you select who made the points with a single tap. That’s 2 quick actions to score both stats…very quick. Same with missed shots, each of the backboards turn into a rebound icon and you touch which got the ORebound or DRebound.

But Where Are The Beautiful Shooting Hotzone Graphics?

Many stat programs provide impressive hot-zones for the players shots, but how is this really helpful? At Moneyball for Basketball we feel those beautiful and impressive hotzone graphs are not necessary and recording the players’ makes and misses are enough. Plus, it also speeds up the data entry process. We’ve heard from many users of other apps that they often miss scoring other features because of the work of recording shot location for each player.

Basketball Impact Rating Formula

Currently the formula is hard-coded in the app, but future versions will allow the user to customize scoring and weighting of each value. Want scoring to be the most important? Make its.

Positive Actions
Score + Rebounds + Steals + Assists + Being Fouled + Deflections + Blocks + Def. Tie-ups + Charges

Negative Actions
Misses + Turnovers + Blocked Shots + Off Tieups + Fouls + Offensive Fouls/Technicals + Opponent Score + Opponent Rebounds

Basketball Impact Rating = Positive Actions / Negative Actions