Gametime Announcer In Action

Three Different Versions in the App Store!

Announces Both Teams

Ballpark version allows you to enter the lineup and announce both teams during the game (if you want).

Also runs in Travel Team & Wiffle Ball modes.

Announces just Your Team

Travel Team version allows you to announce only your team.​

Also run in Wiffle Ball mode.

​Announces 4 players per team

Wiffle Ball version limits each team to only having a 4 player lineup per team and is perfect for backyard use. 

​Gametime Announcer for iPad and iPhone!

Available in the App Store


Walkup & player announce with just Drag-and-drop!

Play a song from your playlist

To announce the next player with their walkup song, just drag “Batter with Walkup” button over to the microphone.

Drop the button onto the microphone, the music plays for 3 seconds at full volume, then fades down and the player, his position and jersey are announced and  the music’s volume fades back up.

To play a song between innings, just drag the play button over and drop it on top of the microphone.

Beautiful Background Skins Included on the Settings Page!